Brayton Osgood Conversation

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A conversation with Brayton Osgood, the Men’s Cross Country Skiing Head Coach at Dartmouth College. Brayton is is one of my best friends and this conversation begins a little more casually than some of the others. Brayton graduated from Dartmouth in 2003 with a degree in mathematics. He was the captain of the Dartmouth Ski Team and a 2-time NCAA All-American. After college, he skied professionally for many years. He represented the U.S. at the Under-23 World Championships and at the World Cup Races in Whistler 2009. During his career he won three Super Tour Races. While skiing, he worked as a programmer for Amp Sports. After his ski career he was an assistant coach for Ruff Patterson, his predecessor at Dartmouth, and then he got a Masters in Accounting and Business Administration from Northeastern University.

Brayton Osgood–Image from Dartmouth College