Blogging Again and Long Run

This morning’s​ session was a 4 hour run. I went south on the Appalachian Trail into Vermont.

Today is my friend Barton Tofany’s final day with me here in Hanover. He is a great runner, but didn’t think he could handle a full 4 hours with me. The first and last 40 minutes of my run was on pavement, so Barton decided to drive to and from the start of the single track. In that way he was able to join me for the middle two and a half hours.

It was warm again today, and my legs felt a little heavy, but I still had fun on the session and appreciated the company for the bulk of the time.

On a different note, I’m posting today’s blog in the middle of the day, between sessions. If I continue blogging, I intend on making this the normal time to post. For the last couple nights I’ve been posting right before bed, and it’s made my already too-late bed time even later. This is a better time for me to post.

I’m doing all of these posts on my phone using the WordPress App. All photos are taken on my phone and are uploaded completely unedited. When I blogged daily between 2012 and 2015, I took most of the pictures with my camera. I would then upload the images to the computer, spend time selecting and cropping them and reduce their size before uploading them. Needless to say the process I’m using now is much simpler, although I have less control over the pictures (namely optical zoom). For text input I use a Swype keyboard, which I find fast and intuitive. In total, I believe these posts are taking me significantly less than half the time that a post of a similar length used to take me.