I went for a run this morning with my friend Zeke Tiernan. Zeke is an ultra-marathoner. On Saturday he is running the Leadville Trail 100. Today was his last real training run, and he wanted to get up high in preparation for this weekend. I don’t generally mind the altitude, but after living below 4000′ for the last three weeks, I was feeling it today. We were running at 12,500′ (3800 meters).

Zeke has a chance to win the race this weekend (he has been 2nd and 3rd in his two previous attempts.) I am excited to follow his progress on the internet (since I am unable to be there in person.) Here I am on the ridge above the ghost town of Independence on our run today:

This afternoon my mom and I went to a presentation by the Aspen Institute of a conversation with former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman, Jr. Governor Huntsman is well spoken and has very moderate views. I thoroughly enjoyed the presentation and would like to attend more of these types of events in the future. Here is Governor Huntsman (left) onstage with moderator Norman Ornstein:

After the presentation I spoke with Governor Huntsman. Utah has been very supportive of the Olympic movement and winter sports. I thanked him for his support.