Travel Day

Tad Elliott and I traveled together yesterday from Munich to Aspen. It didn’t all go smoothly, but at least we got to start with the fantastic breakfast at the Movenpick Hotel.

We always try to fast for a couple of meals beforehand so we can eat as much breakfast as possible.

For the Atlantic crossing we flew from Munich to Toronto. I had a pretty nice setup with a window seat and great entertainment. Tad on the other hand was in a middle seat of the middle section and his entertainment was broken. He wasn’t too pleased with Air Canada.

The international to U.S. customs transfer at the Toronto airport was awful, long lines, little organization, and no space. I was unimpressed.

We got delayed and rerouted out of Toronto due to bad weather in the Chicago area. Luckily we still made it home last night, albeit several hours late.

One of my favorite things about being back in the U.S. is the abundance of drinking fountains (and complimentary water at restaurants, delis, and cafes.) I extremely dislike paying for (or more often being unable to get) a glass of tap water. I was psyched to see this as soon as I stepped off the plane in Denver: