Tennis Lesson

Two years ago, my strength coach Alex Moore and family gave me a tennis lesson for my birthday. Today, Alex and I finally got around to using it. It was really fun and good for my tennis game. It was also much more tiring then just playing tennis against Alex (because we hit so many more balls.) I can’t do this too often because it wasn’t great recovery between a 2.5 hour double pole this morning, shoulder PT, and a two hour run.

The picture above is of Alex getting ready to take some serves with our pro watching. I probably need to take a lesson without Alex, since he has beaten me every time we’ve played (which is probably upwards of 100 times.) It doesn’t do me any good if we both get better. Here I am serving, tongue out and all:

This evening I had dinner at Alex’s house. We were having a discussion about body-weight strength. I decided to test out benching my teammate Liz Stephen:

It was a tiring day.