Team Nominations and Spring Cleaning

I found out today that I was renominated to the U.S. Ski Team’s B Team. This was not a surprise. I understood that the only way to objectively qualify for the A Team was to qualify for the year-end red group. (The red group is the top-30 sprinters and the top-30 distance skiers on the World Ranking List. I finished the year in 35th on the distance list.) I knew the U.S. Ski Team was unlikely to discretion me on to the A Team because of their limited budget. I also felt that I had skied well enough to be renominated to the B team, so today’s news was not a shock.

I am happy to be back on the U.S. Ski Team. Being on the B Team means that funding my World Cup season will again be a challenge. I will again have to rely on the Rocky Mountain Nordic Angel fund. Fundraising for Nordic Angel will have to be a priority again.

I have a good idea of who my U.S. Ski Team teammates will be next season, but I’m not sure if that information is supposed to be public.

I spent the day spring cleaning. This year that meant moving out of my room in Aspen since I can no longer claim to live here, and since my parents are talking about moving out of Aspen. (I’ll believe it when I see it.) I also wanted to take down several pictures of cyclists who are recently convicted dopers. Here’s a look at my room before cleaning today:

Room in Aspen before Cleaning

We have lived in this house since 1997 although I haven’t really lived here since the summer of 2007. Here’s what my room looked like after I was done (for the day at least).

Aspen Room with Stripped Walls

I had several garbage bags full of trash and recycling and multiple bags for the thrift shop. I got rid of all of my medals and trophies except for three that I am especially proud of: my U.S. National Championship gold medal from Rumford, Maine least year, my Colorado High School cross country running state championship gold medal from 2006, and my Under-23 World Championship silver medal from Erzurum, Turkey last year. I also got rid of some signed autograph cards that I hung up years ago including Kikkan Randall’s:

Kikkan Randall Signed Autograph Card

Lief Zimmerman’s:

Lief Zimmerman's Autograph Card

And Billy Demong’s:

Billy Demong's Signed Autograph Card

I am very happy to be pairing down the amount of stuff I have.

Yesterday I mentioned that I dropped my friends Kristin Gausen and Astrid Slind off for a hut trip. Unfortunately they never made it to the first hut. After a five hour adventure, lasting until 11 O’clock at night, which included hiking up the wrong drainage, getting sick from dehydration and walking down the valley in search of cell service, they got picked up by a very kind lady who has connections to the ski world: Annie Teague. Annie is the mother of the head coach of the Australian cross country ski team, August Teague. Aspen is a small community. Annie generously took the girls to her house and fed them; then I got a call at 11:30 last night asking for a ride. Luckily everything worked out OK.

Today the girls took an easy day out of the mountains. We went bowling with my parents. Here I am getting ready to bowl in a sling:

Noah Preparing to Bowl in a Sling

I bowled absolutely horrendously. I’d like to blame it on only having use of one arm.

Noah Bowling in a Sling

Astrid and Kristin were very good. Here’s Astrid:

Astrid Slind Bowling

Krisin (otherwise known as Kristin) crushed the second game (and I did not):

Bowling with Hoffman Family and Norwegian Girls

If the weather cooperates the girls are going to try for another hut tomorrow.

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