Speed Work and Tennis

This morning I did a classic roller ski speed (10-15 seconds as fast as possible) session with my Team Homegrown teammates. At the uphill station, I played around with gliding versus running on skis. At the double pole station I worked on “grabbing more ground” with my poles (planting my poles further forward) so that I can have more to pull on. I also worked on whipping my hands through quickly. Here’s the video from the session:

This afternoon I played tennis with my strength coach Alex Moore, Eliza Outtrim (the 8th ranked mogul skier in the world), and Eliza’s boyfriend. We played three sets, each time with a different partner. The only set I won was the one I played with Alex:

Alex is here with the US Men’s Alpine Tech Team. They have four athletes, two coaches, a physical therapist, a chef, and Alex here for the camp. I am a little bit jealous of their financial resources. Plus they are on-snow on Vail Mountain:

I was hoping (because Vail Resorts said they would try) to be on a 1 kilometer man-made loop at the base of the Alpine hill. However, it hasn’t been very cold here at night and Alpine comes first for snow-making.

After tennis I went for a one hour skate roller ski by myself. Because of a late start and daylight savings time I was out in the dark. This evening I had a delicious dinner with some of my teammates at our coach Dan Weiland’s house. Thanks mostly to Dan’s incredible wife Carmen for the food.