Sochi Sprint

Today was the skate sprint World Cup in Sochi, Russia. My teammates had great days! Kikkan Randall won her third World Cup Sprint of the season and Ida Sargent had a career best finish in sixth! Ida almost definitely qualified for the Red Group (top-30 sprinters in the world) and the U.S. Ski Team A team for next season. I’m super psyched for her! Jessie Diggins finished 15th, Holly Brooks 16th, Sadie Bjornsen had her career best result in 21st and Liz Stephen had a career best sprint (based on FIS points) in 42nd.

On the men’s side both Andy Newell and Simi Hamilton just missed out on the semifinals. They finished 13th and 17th respectively. I had a career best World Cup sprint, finishing 67th out of 84. The race was my best FIS sprint points ever. In a World Cup in Slovenia last season I finished 63rd but there were only 70 starters. I am happy with a small step forward in my sprinting.

Surprisingly, women’s World Cup leader Justyna Kowalczyk didn’t qualify for the quarterfinals. Here she is in the qualifier:


There were not very many spectators out today. This is a hard place to get to.

Sochi Sprint

We have our physiologist here this week, Dr. Jim Stray-Gundersen:

Dr. Jim Stray Gundersen

On a different note, I went for a walk with Sadie last night. Here she is demonstrating how much snow there is here:

Sadie Bjornsen

And there were some more huge construction trucks parked outside our place last night:

Sochi Construction

I am feeling good for the 30km skiathlon tomorrow. It should be a hard and fun race.