Skiing in Gällivare

Yesterday, my teammates and I all met in Helsinki, Finland and flew north to the small town of Rovaniemi. Luckily, we weren’t homesick yet.

From Rovaniemi we drove three and a half hours to Gällivare, Sweden. Here’s the view from the hotel room I’m sharing with Andy Newell.

This morning I skated for an hour. It was so nice to be on mid-winter conditions! My teammates were all psyched.

With these conditions we are setup to have a great pre-camp. Here’s Simi Hamilton doing some 1-pole technique work:

I’m psyched that my friend Brayton Osgood is here as a wax tech for the next five weeks. Kris Freeman brought Brayton over as his tech.

6 thoughts on “Skiing in Gällivare

  1. Updates two days in a row? It’s just like the good old days of the blog! I love it. Have a great camp.

  2. HI Noah. Thanks for sharing your update. I am jealous you are on snow already. I hope you have a great pre-camp. We are cheering you on from Houghton!

  3. And I thought we were lucky in Québec with our 5″ of snow! Hope you have a great, injury-free season! Train well.

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