Piece from Zach and Piece for the NNF

Here is a piece from my coach Zach Caldwell about me and Noah Hoffman Fantasy Cross Country. Per usual with Zach, it’s  both extremely complimentary and a little disparaging. It’s also very well written. I highly recommend it. Click here to view it.
Here is a short piece I wrote for the National Nordic Foundation’s Drive for 25 Fundraising Campaign. It went out in their newsletter today:
The National Cross Country Ski Education (NCCSEF) became the National Nordic Foundation (NNF) just as I was breaking through to the international level of cross country skiing, around the time of the Vancouver Olympics. This transition was part of a cosmic shift in U.S. Cross Country Skiing, and I could not have timed my career better if I’d had a choice.
The creation of the NNF meant that there was finally a platform for the U.S. ski community, which is bigger, more passionate, more supportive and more generous than anyone previously knew, to make a difference in the success of this country’s best skiers. Not only did the community take advantage of this new platform as a way to show support, but we, as a U.S. ski community, saw an almost immediate return on our investment.
Soon after the creation of the NNF and the increased level of support to the best skiers, it became almost laughably apparent that we had found the missing link. With the increased funds we, as a country, went from World Cup points (top-30) being a great day to having a three-time World Cup Crystal Globe winner (Kikkan Randall), three different athletes that have World Championship medals (Kikkan, Jessie Diggins and Caitlin Gregg) and five different athletes that have World Cup or Stage World Cup wins (Kikkan, Jessie, Sophie Caldwell, Simi Hamilton and me). We also now have a women’s relay and sprint relay team that expects to be on the podium every time they toe the start line.
The impact that the U.S. ski community’s support has had on results could not be clearer, but we still have a long way to go to get to where we can and should be as a country. We still have not won an Olympic medal since Bill Koch won silver in Innsbruck 1976.

The only way we can continue to achieve our loftier and loftier goals is by continuing to rely on the NNF. Thank you for continuing to support the NNF and for having such a huge impact on our nation’s success.