EMBK Practice and Double Pole Intensity

It’s been a long, busy and eventful day. I woke up at 5:30 a.m. to get in a strength session before my other obligations. It was dark and cold. I did the session in the Doughty’s new strength room here in the Boston suburbs, attached to their garage, which is minimally but functionally equipped. It has a road bike on a trainer, a couple of kettle bells, a hula hoop, a medicine ball and a brand new slide board from UltraSlide. My strength coach, Tschana Schiller, was able to design this strength session specifically for this gym because Mark Doughty sent her a list of what is here. It worked perfectly.

After the early session, the Doughty family and I headed to Prospect Hill Park in Waltham, Massachusetts to meet some elected officials. The group called Friends of Leo J. Martin Skiing (FOLJMS) was holding a lobbying party for State Senator Brownsberger, State Representitive Peisch and a woman from State Senator Barrett’s office. FOLJMS is a group that formed in response to some proposals by the Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR), who operates the Leo J. Martin (LJM) Golf Course and permits the Weston Ski Track on the golf course, to limit the skiing at LJM. The Weston Ski Track is one of the most popular cross country ski areas in the country on a use-per-kilometer basis. It will be a huge blow to the U.S. Ski Community if the skiing at Weston is reduced from its current capacity. If you haven’t already joined the group to show support for the Weston Ski Track, please sign up here (through the “Help Preserve Skiing” link). You don’t need to be from the Boston area to show your support and promote U.S. Skiing!

Unfortunately, it was a wet and dreary day for our talk with the elected officials.

Double Pole Intensity 003 (1024x683)

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New Doughty Home

I’m staying this week with Mark Doughty and his family in the Boston, Massachusetts suburbs. Mark is the president of my title sponsor Thoughtforms Builders. He contacted me out of the blue a little over a year ago about supporting me. He initially heard about me through one of his best friends Austin Weiss. Austin was one of my coaches at the Aspen Valley Ski and Snowboard Club when I was a junior skier. We were looking through some of Mark and Pilar’s wedding photos last night, and I was psyched to see Austin (on the left) and Mark in tuxedos.

Completed Doughty House 006 (1024x683)

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Boston Roller Skiing

Late last night Emilia and I drove from Putney, Vermont to Boston, Massachusetts with Mark Doughty. The drive takes over two hours, and we didn’t leave till 9 O’clock; it was a late night. Mark Doughty is the president of my title sponsor Thoughtforms Builders. This coming season will be my second with Thoughtforms as my main sponsor. I am extremely lucky to have the support of Mark and such a great company.

Emilia and I are staying with Mark and his family this week in their brand new home. I got to know the Doughty family when I was here for a week last spring, in their old house. I’m excited to be back and I’m glad that Emilia gets to meet them as well.

This morning we both did a strength session at The Beede Center in Concord. Thoughtforms built the Beede Center as one of their community oriented projects almost ten years ago.

Boston Day 1 007 (1024x683)

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Grammar School Visit and Technique Work

I have turned off the comments on this blog. The information provided here is far from comprehensive, and recently, many comments have given me unsolicited advice. I have trouble not taking everything I read and hear to heart, and these comments have provided an unnecessary distraction. None of the comments have been malicious, and I am very grateful for all of the positive and encouraging messages I have received.

I just finished a great technique training block with my coach Zach Caldwell here in Putney, Vermont. After yesterday morning’s hard classic intensity session, Zach and I have done three skate sessions in a row. We’ve focused on V2 Alternate, a gradual downhill skate technique. Yesterday afternoon we did some short speeds. This morning we drove over Putney Mountain to Grassy Brook Road where we experimented with some new technique cues then did a hard effort from the top of the pavement to the bottom of the road. It took me just under 15 minutes. I felt a little stiff, sore and tired, and Zach thought the technique looked okay but not great. So, we decided to go home and drive back over the mountain for the same session this afternoon. Emilia joined us the second time around and took some great pictures.

Grammar School and Technique Training 051 (1024x683)

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Madshus Party and Travel

My second session yesterday was a skate roller ski speed session on one of the 8 foot wide treadmills at the U.S. Ski Team’s Center of Excellence. The session didn’t go the way I planned. The speeds felt long and hard and my legs felt heavy. Normally I do six speeds, but I ended the session after five speeds because I didn’t think I was getting anything positive out of the workout. I’m hoping to feel better tomorrow after a day off of training.

U.S. Ski Team (USST) chef Allen Tran has taken a break from cooking for us this week to photograph and write a cookbook. He has been preparing delicious food which USST photographer Sarah Brunson has been photographing.

Madshus Party 002 (1024x683)

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