I feel that I always have someone to thank. It always seems that people are way more generous to me than I deserve and more generous than I am able to be to others. I am very grateful to my current hosts Trond and Claudia Nystad. They own a beautiful home here in Ramsau, Austria.

Trond built it in 2008. I am staying here for the 5 days before my team shows up for the U.S. Ski Team camp.

I first got to know Trond last month on the snow field in Sognefjell, Norway. He is the head coach of the Norwegian men’s cross country ski team and formerly the head coach of the U.S. cross country ski team. He was incredibly generous to my teammate Kris Freeman and I in Norway, giving us video, waxing, and lactate support along with technique advice and letting us jump into his team’s workouts. I was very grateful and impressed.

Trond is here working on a new garage.

He and some friends only started work on the garage 3 weeks ago. I’m really impressed with how much they’ve gotten done.

They’ve been working hard! Unfortunately Claudia is studying in Germany. I look forward to meeting her someday.

After my two training sessions and Trond’s full day of work on the garage, we hung out by the fire with some other friends.

I also got to go skiing today! Unfortunately, my camera died right as I was boarding the tram. I’ll get a post up on that tomorrow. Here’s the one picture I did get of the top of the tram from the bottom: