Muonio Travel

Kris Freeman and I had an easy travel day yesterday. All of our flights were on time, and we got all of our bags. We met some of our teammates in Frankfurt and the rest in Helsinki. I couldn’t stay awake on the flight from Frankfurt to Helsinki or the flight from Helsinki to Rovaniemi. Luckily I was still able to sleep through the night last night. We have a much bigger cargo truck this year than we did last year. Here’s our wax technician Oleg Ragilo loading it up:

It was very wintry in Rovaniemi.

We are psyched to have our former team physical therapist Tara Fontenot back with us for this trip:

Our first stop in Finland was at McDonalds!

I brought a bunch of little bags of different currencies I have collected from past trips. It is nice to have some money when you step off the plane.

On the three hour drive from Rovaniemi to Muonio, we went through Levi which hosted the Alpine World Cup this past weekend. Two years ago we were in Muonio for the Levi World Cup and were able to go to the race. I’m bummed we missed it this year. 17 year old Mikaela Shiffrin from Vail was third on Saturday. It would have been really fun to see that. The mountain looks sweet: