Muonio Race Video and Travel

Here’s some awesome video our physical therapist Tara Fontenot took of Saturday’s classic race in Muonio Finland:

And here’s a picture Brian Fish took of me in Sunday’s Skate Race:

Yesterday morning I skated for a little over two hours. It was a beautiful day with a gorgeous sunrise:

One of the best I’ve ever seen:

I even managed to find the sun out on the trail!


It was really nice skiing.

Yesterday afternoon we drove the three hours from Muonio to Gällivare, Sweden. Last year we ran out of gas on this drive. This year we learned our lesson and filled up before we left. There’s not much out there (people, houses, shops…anything).

(By the way, the sunset around here looks very similar to the sunrise. They are only about two hours apart.) In Gällivare we are staying at the Dundrit hotel above town and the venue. We have a nice view of the city from here.

Gällivare is where I raced my first European World Cup two years ago. I had an outstanding race. I finished 31st. I really enjoy the course here and am looking forward to racing it again this weekend.