Maggie Visiting

This morning I raced in a roller ski classic sprint race with the National Training Group that is in town this week. I’ll post more on that tomorrow. Hopefully I will have the video by then.

After the race, Toni Adams (the mother of my host family) and I drove down to Salt Lake to pick up my sister. I haven’t seen my sister since a brief visit in late May during a five hour layover in San Francisco. It is great to see her and have her in town! This afternoon she joined me on my workout: an hour mountain bike ride followed by core strength at the U.S. Ski Team Center of Excellence. She pointed out while we were riding that “we haven’t done any physical activity together since (I) was fourteen.” I generally don’t like to train slow enough for her to keep up, but it was a fun easy workout today. I’ve gotten more laid back about my training.

This evening, we had a fantastic dinner at Liz Stephen, Tad Elliott, and Simi Hamilton’s house.

Above from left to right: My sister’s boyfriend Nick Blatz, former teammate and good friend Morgan Arritola, my sister Maggie Hoffman, and Liz.

After dinner, Nick, my sister and I played tennis under the lights.