Long Day

It’s been a long day. I started this morning at 8 with a three hour classic ski with my Team Homegrown teammates. Here’s the group after the ski:

Here’s my teammate Sylvan Ellefson:

I drove directly from the ski to Aspen where I had lunch with my parents. This evening was the Rocky Mountain Nordic Angel fundraiser in Aspen. After lunch I worked on the silent auction bid sheets with my dad for a couple of hours. The fundraiser itself was a great success with several hundred (that’s a total guess) people coming to support us. It was both inspirational and overwhelming. After another hour and a half of driving I made it back to Vail at 11 P.M. I am exhausted from several hours of standing on my feet and talking. Audrey Mangan of Fasterskier.com drove from Vail to Aspen and back with me to attend the fundraiser. After spending the whole afternoon talking to friends and supporters, it is a little tiring to talk to a reporter all the way home.