Long Day

I had a long day. We (Team Homegrown) did 6 by 3:30 classic intensity this morning in Eagle. It was a good hard session. I was not skiing as fast as my teammates Sylvan Ellefson and Ryan Scott. I am getting better at not putting too much stake in roller ski races and workouts. However, those guys are in really good shape and I’m looking forward to watching them this season.

We have trained in Eagle four of the last five days. After each session, we stopped into HP’s Provisions for a post workout snack. Today, they put out a sign welcoming us! Here’s Sylvan (with one of my postcards that we gave to them):

And then I got to pose:

In the middle of the day I hung out at the Vail Ski and Snowboard Academy. I talked to the 11th grade class about my decision not to attend college¬†immediately¬†after high school. I also completed my application to The Level Field Fund. I am applying for a grant to help support my skiing. This afternoon I went for a 45 minute run with Sylvan then did core strength. After a Ski and Snowboard Club Vail parents meeting at which I introduced myself and told them what had brought me to this team, I did dinner with the US Men’s Alpine Tech Ski Team. It was fun to see my friends who are on my way to the Alpine World Cup and wish them good luck for the season.