Leadville Trail 100

My good friend Zeke Tiernan took second place on Saturday in the Leadville Trail 100 Mile Running Race. I ran with Zeke last Monday. I am super impressed and excited for him. The three times he has run the race, he has finished third once and second twice. On Saturday he ran more than an hour and a half faster than his previous best time. Oh yeah, and it was the fourth fastest time ever run on the course!

Two years ago when he ran the race, I got to be one of his pacers. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to be there this year, but it was fun to follow his splits on the internet. I talked to Zeke today and got the low down on how the race played out. Talking to him about the race makes me more excited for my race season coming up. Here is a picture of Zeke (leading his pacer) during the race (I stole it from the internet.)

His accomplishments are even more impressive because he is far from a single-minded professional; he is a 6th, 7th, and 8th grade history teacher and a father.