Gällivare to Kuusamo Travel

Our last morning in Gällivare, Sweden was gorgeous! Here’s Tad Elliott ready for our long car ride:

And Ida Sargent:

There wasn’t a cloud in the sky:

The drive wasn’t nearly as bad as I was fearing. We stopped at a gas station just before crossing from Sweden to Finland. Kikkan Randall was looking through the local paper and found a full page spread on our wax technician Peter Johansson. There was a little picture of Kikkan underneath:

When we arrived in Kuusamo we went for a walk into the village:

Above from left to right: Tad, Andy Newell, and Kris Freeman.

At the grocery store they have sweet brands of cereal:

From a personal perspective, I am glad to be out of Gällivare after my disappointing race on Sunday. I like the courses here in Kuusamo. Here’s one last picture from U.S. Ski Team coach Bryan Fish of me in the relay on Sunday:

If you are interested in watching the races from this past weekend, my friend Craig Ward from Aspen found them all on YouTube. The men’s 15km skate from Saturday is here. The women’s 10km skate, also from Saturday is here. The women’s relay is here. And the men’s relay is here.