Davos Training

I was a little tired today from the last two days of racing. I skated for an hour this morning with Kris Freeman. The trails are starting to look more like a World Cup venue. The stadium is being set up:

Davos World Cup Stadium

Davos has one of the worst waxing setups on the entire World Cup tour. They put up a huge tent with very little ventilation. All of the air is communal so as soon as one team starts burning fluoro-powders, the air is bad for everyone. This poses a huge health risk for the wax techs and is a major reason many of the wealthy teams have gotten wax trucks. The techs and athletes have complained about the Davos setup for years and nothing has been done to address the problem. Some athletes are talking about boycotting venues that don’t address technician health. A much better setup than a tent, as many of the venues do, is individual trailers for each team. This allows the techs to turn on the fans and open the windows. Most importantly, it gives them control of their own air so they know when breathing masks are necessary. Here they are setting up the same wax tent as always:

Davos Waxing

Here’s Andy Newell skiing today:

Andy Newell Skiing Davos

The T.V. Trucks are also starting to arrive:

Davos T.V. Truck

Davos, like Canmore, Alberta (where we do our fall camp), saves snow over the summer so they can spread it out in October before there is natural skiing. They have already blown a massive pile of snow to save this coming summer:

Davos Snow to Save

The concept of saving snow over so many warm summer days and nights that don’t get below freezing is an incredible engineering feat. It is a lot of snow though!

Davos Pile of Snow

I had fun taking some pictures today of snow falling off trees:

Snow Falling Off Trees in Davos

It was warming and breezy so there were plenty of opportunities:

Snow Falling Off Trees In Davos

This afternoon I was off of training. I took the train into town with many of my teammates. Here are Ida Sargent (left), Jessie Diggins (front) and Sadie Bjornsen:

Sadie, Jessie and Ida on the Train

We went shopping at H&M. I go shopping no more than twice a year. I always make sure I have some girls around to pick things out for me. Before today, my last shopping trip was with Jessie and Sadie, also at H&M, in Lahti, Finland last March. Today I got four new shirts. Unfortunately I will have to go one more time this season because I’m in the market for a new pair of pants as well. Here’s Sadie picking things out for herself:

Sadie Bjornsen Shopping

Lastly, there was an article in the paper today about our race yesterday. I don’t speak German so I’m not sure what it says about me, but it looked interesting.

Swiss Nationals Newspaper Article