Park City Over-Distance Skate Ski

This very complimentary article was published in the Waltham, Massachusetts newspaper today about my visit with the junior club in the Boston area last week. I owe a huge Thank You to the ski community in Eastern Massachusetts for taking me in, supporting me and treating me like one of their own!

This morning I woke up early to start the day’s very long workout. I wanted to finish it at a reasonable hour so I could spend some time with Maggie (my sister), who was in town visiting for the weekend, before she headed back to her home of Sun Valley, Idaho. It was still very dark when I started skiing. This picture makes it look way lighter than it was; look at how bright the street lamp is compared to the sky:

Early Morning Long Ski 004 (1024x683)

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Threshold Intensity and Maggie in Park City

I’ve been exceptionally busy here in Park City, Utah, but I’m also having a blast. As I mentioned yesterday, I am very happy to have my sister Maggie Hoffman in town for a short weekend trip. Maggie teaches school in the Wood River Valley in Idaho, five hours from here, and she left after school yesterday and has to be back by tomorrow night. I’m honored that she’s willing to go through so much trouble to see me!

This morning she went for a mountain bike ride while I went to East Canyon with my teammates for a classic roller ski intensity session. The road was swarming with hunters.

East Canyon Intensity and Maggie in Park City 001 (1024x683)

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Camp Training and Meetings

Because my teammates and I are in the same place so infrequently, we have lots of meetings when we are together. Yesterday afternoon we sat down with Brook Bingham, the Director of Corporate Partnerships at the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association (USSA), Jory Macomber, the Vice-President of Athlete Career and Education at USSA and Liz Arky of Arky Group Consulting, LLC, who has been a huge asset to our team by helping us raise funds and market ourselves this summer. Our three presenters talked to us about writing our resumes, ideas about how to market ourselves and how to approach prospective sponsors. Here is Jory presenting with my teammate Sophie Caldwell looking on (and Brook sitting at the far end of the table):

U.S. Ski Team Skate Time Trial SoHo 001 (1024x683)

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Fun Recovery Day

Yesterday afternoon I did an easy hour and fifteen minute double pole roller ski. After a great session with intensity in the morning, my energy was not very good in the afternoon. My heart rate elevated easily, which it often does after an intensity session, but I felt like I was moving in slow motion. It was a warm fall afternoon, and I skied on the smooth and quiet Old Ranch Road.

Off Day 001 (1024x683)

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EMBK Practice and Double Pole Intensity

It’s been a long, busy and eventful day. I woke up at 5:30 a.m. to get in a strength session before my other obligations. It was dark and cold. I did the session in the Doughty’s new strength room here in the Boston suburbs, attached to their garage, which is minimally but functionally equipped. It has a road bike on a trainer, a couple of kettle bells, a hula hoop, a medicine ball and a brand new slide board from UltraSlide. My strength coach, Tschana Schiller, was able to design this strength session specifically for this gym because Mark Doughty sent her a list of what is here. It worked perfectly.

After the early session, the Doughty family and I headed to Prospect Hill Park in Waltham, Massachusetts to meet some elected officials. The group called Friends of Leo J. Martin Skiing (FOLJMS) was holding a lobbying party for State Senator Brownsberger, State Representitive Peisch and a woman from State Senator Barrett’s office. FOLJMS is a group that formed in response to some proposals by the Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR), who operates the Leo J. Martin (LJM) Golf Course and permits the Weston Ski Track on the golf course, to limit the skiing at LJM. The Weston Ski Track is one of the most popular cross country ski areas in the country on a use-per-kilometer basis. It will be a huge blow to the U.S. Ski Community if the skiing at Weston is reduced from its current capacity. If you haven’t already joined the group to show support for the Weston Ski Track, please sign up here (through the “Help Preserve Skiing” link). You don’t need to be from the Boston area to show your support and promote U.S. Skiing!

Unfortunately, it was a wet and dreary day for our talk with the elected officials.

Double Pole Intensity 003 (1024x683)

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New Doughty Home

I’m staying this week with Mark Doughty and his family in the Boston, Massachusetts suburbs. Mark is the president of my title sponsor Thoughtforms Builders. He contacted me out of the blue a little over a year ago about supporting me. He initially heard about me through one of his best friends Austin Weiss. Austin was one of my coaches at the Aspen Valley Ski and Snowboard Club when I was a junior skier. We were looking through some of Mark and Pilar’s wedding photos last night, and I was psyched to see Austin (on the left) and Mark in tuxedos.

Completed Doughty House 006 (1024x683)

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