Park City Turnaround

First I want to extend a huge congratulations to Erin Moening and my friend Conner Truskowski for being the recipients of the first annual Peter Hale Memorial Scholarship from Madshus. I’ve gotten to know Conner because his family had me and my sister over for dinner in Anchorage last spring and I went to lunch with him when I was back in Anchorage in July. He is an extremely nice, motivated and professional young man, and he is a fantastic choice by Madshus to receive this award. I have not had the pleasure of meeting Erin, but I’m sure I will see her on the international ski circuit in a couple of years. As recipients of this award, a full setup of top-of-the-line skis, boots and poles will be donated to both Conner and Erin’s ski clubs for them to use. The setups cannot be given to the athletes themselves because it would jeopardize their NCAA eligibility. You can read more about Conner and Erin and the award itself here.

I have been insanely busy over the last three days. I haven’t had time to breath and I certainly haven’t been sleeping enough.

On Tuesday night, my last in Canmore, Alberta for the U.S. Ski Team’s Fall Camp, my teammate Liz Stephen and I joined our friend on the Canadian National Team, Devon Kershaw, and his roommate for an awesome dinner at Devon’s new home.

Park City Packing 002 (1024x683)

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Frozen Thunder Long Workout

Yesterday, after the Frozen Thunder Distance Race in the morning, my teammate Liz Stephen and I went out to lunch here in Canmore, Alberta. We spent some of the time playing around with my camera. I generally take pictures on the “Auto” setting, because it’s easy, but I haven’t been impressed with my action shots. Yesterday we played around with the manual setting, speeding up the shutter speed to get sharp photos of movement. It worked really well. Here’s Liz waving her arms as fast as she could as a test:

Last Day of Frozen Thunder 007 (1024x683)

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Strength and Skiing

Yesterday after the morning’s sprint race my teammates and I headed to the gym for a strength workout. Normally we lift here in Canmore, Alberta at the great gym at the Canmore Nordic Centre, but we were warned that it was going to be extremely crowded yesterday. Many of the athletes and teams that raced the sprint in the morning were planning on lifting in the afternoon, and the gym closes early on Fridays. So, in order to avoid the crowds, we found another gym in town, called Life Works, which ended up being as good or better than the Nordic Centre gym. It had everything we needed including a whole room full of TRX straps. My teammate Ben Saxton had fun on the straps.

Mid Canmore Camp 003 (1280x853)

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Frozen Thunder Day 2

I’m in Canmore, Alberta, Canada for a week of skiing with the U.S. Ski Team on the saved-snow “Frozen Thunder” loop at the cross country venue for the 1988 Calgary Olympics. We have four apartments at the Rocky Mountain Ski Lodge, and my roommates, Ben Saxton and Paddy Caldwell, and I were on dinner duty yesterday. Each apartment rotates through making dinner for the whole team. Ben took charge and we made chili.

Frozen Thunder Day 2 002 (1024x683)

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Frozen Thunder Day 1

I’m in Canmore, Alberta, Canada for the second half of the U.S. Ski Team’s fall camp. We come here every year to ski on the Canmore Nordic Centre’s early loop of snow, which they call Frozen Thunder. This is one of several venues around the world that saves snow from last season to get an early jump on this season. Here’s my understanding of how the saved-snow program works:The man-made snow was blown last winter into a huge hole that looks like a half-pipe. It was then covered with wood chips in the spring. About half of it melts over the summer and the remainder was trucked onto a two kilometer loop which opened last week.

Frozen Thunder Day 1 004 (1024x683)

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