Bounding Video

Here is the video (courtesy of U.S. Ski Team coach Jason Cork) of my bounding session yesterday:

The session was a 25 minute running warm-up, then one hour of bounding the uphills and running the downhills around a twelve minute loop. The focus of the bounding is to imitate classic striding. I am focusing on transferring some of the work load from my legs to my arms. I am also thinking about “gliding” even though you can’t glide in running shoes. This allows me to have a low, long stride. I then run 20 minutes for a cool-down.

2 thoughts on “Bounding Video

  1. Hey, i’m just wondering how it is training in the Colorado, Utah area for you when it comes to poisonous snakes and other animals ?

    • Alexander, I have lived in Utah and Colorado my whole life and never had an issue. Sometimes I see wildlife: moose, deer, elk, snakes, bears, etc. but it has never been a problem. As long as you avoid them (not try to touch them), they generally avoid you.

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