Night Skiing and Muonio Life

It’s awesome to be back on the road and kicking off the race season. I’m in Muonio, Finland, north of the arctic circle, with the U.S. Ski Team for a training camp prior to the opening World Cup races in Kuusamo, Finland.

Our clothing supplier Bjorn Daehlie now makes three quarter length training pants. The only one of my teammates who chose to pack them for Europe was Ida Sargent. She was rocking them on the way to training yesterday afternoon. (I’m struggling to take good pictures in the Muonio darkness. I tried taking this picture without a flash, but it was way too dark. My apologies.)

Muonio 003 (1024x683)

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Departing the U.S.

It’s been a really long day. Please excuse any errors I make in this post.

I’m currently sitting in the Helsinki, Finland airport. Yesterday my technique coach Zach Caldwell dropped me off at the airport in Hartford, Connecticut, an hour south of his house in Putney, Vermont. I then flew from Hartford to Dulles airport in Washington D.C., from Dulles to Munich, Germany and from Munich to Helsinki. I have one more flight, up to Rovaniemi, Finland, and a three hour drive from Rovaniemi to Muonio, Finland, which is north of the arctic circle.

The technique block I just finished in Putney ended on a positive note, contrary to how it began. I mentioned in my last post that my sole objective on Saturday, the final day of technique work, was to simplify the task of skiing well. Zach and I were not trying to add anything new. I just need to be able to consistently reproduce the good skiing I demonstrated in Vermont (as opposed to the bad skiing that I also demonstrated at times in Vermont). We were successful in simplifying the task of skiing well, and I left Vermont feeling confident in both my skate and classic techniques. I wrote down simple clues that I can refer back to when I start to struggle.

Here I am skate roller skiing during Saturday afternoon’s session, followed by Brayton Osgood:

11-15HoffSkate (1024x683)

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Dublin School Visit

Working on technique yesterday was challenging and frustrating. Thursday’s time trial shook my confidence, and I’m questioning my ability to solidify and reproduce the good skiing that I’m doing here (at times) in Putney, Vermont with my coach Zach Caldwell watching me. Yesterday everything seemed hard and complicated. Zach and I did a double pole session in the morning and a skate session in the afternoon. I was joined by my friend, former professional skier Brayton Osgood.

HoffBraytSkate-011 (1024x683)

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