An Open Letter

An open letter,

As a person who travels internationally and represents the United States of America, the implications of the coming Trump presidency worry me. I fear being viewed through the lens that our president-elect represents, a lens of intolerance and nativism, divine privilege and arrogance. Rather, I’d like to be viewed through a lens of inclusivity, compassion and tolerance. Although I am an American, I do not stand with Trump when he diminishes our fellow humans, incites violence or belittles his critics.

Please understand that I, like so many of my fellow citizens, do not condone the devisiveness of our next president. I do not accept racism. I will not be misogynistic or sexist. I understand that human-caused climate change is an immediate threat to global stability. I prioritize peace. I believe in equal rights and equal protection for the LGBTQ+ community, the disabled community, and peoples of all nationalities, skin colors, socioeconomic statuses and education levels. I welcome immigrants. I believe in the right to worship and represent your religion in any way you see fit, as long as your actions don’t limit the ability of others to do the same. I honor our veterans and our relationships with our allies. Most of all, I dream of a world where every human is valued and has the opportunity to live a happy and fulfilling life.

Know that I acknowledge the division that has split our country, and I recognize that I come from a place of great privilege. I am working to understand the anger and pain, hopelessness and abandonment that so many of my fellow citizens feel. I recognize the need to heal deep and painful wounds and lift up those that are disenfranchised. I, as a U.S. citizen, acknowledge that our global and domestic actions have negatively affected so many lives. I will work to overcome the perils of globalism by finding progressive solutions.

I fear that I will be defined by the whims and tweets of our head of state. I simply ask for your understanding and reservation of judgement.


Noah Hoffman